Dairy Celeia: GMO-free

Mlekarna Celeia

In order to raise awareness about the products free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) we used a scarecrow called Straško and we prepared a campaign for GMO-free products of the brand Zelene doline.

When it comes to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food, Slovenia doesn’t have any severe legislative restrictions, but the consumers are increasingly more aware of the ingredients in the food they consume. That is why Dairy Celeia has decided to be the first in Slovenia to offer completely GMO-free products. To raise awareness amongst people and encourage them to participate in this debate, we prepared a guerilla action during which we tried to find a job for Straško the scarecrow as he lost his old one due to GMOs. He found a job at Diary Celeia where their nice farmers trusted him to guard their fields. With that and with of course a very successful PR buzz we prepared the foundations for the beginning of the campaign in which real Slovenian farmers of all ages enjoyed drinking dairy products from the green valleys in an emotional TV ad. They also toasted the first Slovenian GMO-free certificate and the health that is hidden in dairy products of Zelene doline.