The best at every step

Poslovni sistem Mercator

With the help of 15 thousand users and their recordings we created a new TV ad “The best at every step.”

In October Pristop and Renderspace together with Mercator launched a campaign “The best at every step.” The strategy was based on the idea of opening up Mercator as a brand to their customers and making them feel like they are closer to the brand, more familiarized with it. We designed an online contest that invited their customers to co-create a TV ad with them. In less than three weeks 15.000 people participated in this conversation with the brand. They contributed 229 video clips and shared them with their friends through social networks. The integrated campaign was planned in two phases. The first phase was the activation phase where users were acquainted with the contest and invited to participate. During this phase we also collected their entries. The second part of the campaign started with a premiere showing of the TV ad that was created together with the users and the video clips they provided. The ad was shown simultaneously on all the channels of Slovenian national television and all the channels of Pro Plus. In its entirety the campaign included an interactive platform for collecting the contributions of the users (mutually connected web page, Facebook page and mobile application), a TV ad, billboards, web ads, radio ads, conversations through social networks, ads on buses and in movie theaters. Besides that the campaign was strongly supported by marketing and digital communication and it was strongly highlighted in all of Mercator’s stores. From the very beginning the campaign also incorporated all of Mercator’s employees through various tools of internal communication.