Oki Doki

Mlekarna Celeia

Oki Doki is a milky drop living in »Hepilandija« (Happyland) and the name for the new children's line of the brand Zelene doline. New packages, new flavors, new name and a new story – all in the spirit of the children.

From November 2012 there is a new line of yogurts for children Oki Doki from Zelene doline (Green valleys), that is delighting young fans with three different delicious flavours: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.
Oki Doki is a milky drop living in Hepiland, a magical fantasy world with a yogurt lake which lays in the middle of the green valleys. With its helpers Oki Doki is preparing the best yogurt for children that is made from premium GMO-free Slovenian milk that doesn’t include any artificial coloring. The campaign for the most whimsical and delicious yogurt for children continued with a series of tattoo stickers that were packaged on the lids of the yogurts. The tattoos depicted Oki Doki performing a variety of activities: playing baseball with chocolate balls, scooping out a spoonful of yogurt from the lake, flying on the wings made out of vanilla flowers… An animated presentational video was also made in which we can see Oki Doki in action doing all of the activities listed above.