Pristop is a project partner in the Circle of Trust


The In the Circle of Trust project was created as a response to the current economic and political situation in Slovenia.

After the study on trust, which was carried out based on the initiative of Pristop, showed that trust in Slovenia is at an extremely low level, we at Pristop, together with our partners Združenje Manager, the American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, UKOM and Ninamedia, joined forces and designed this project that aims to open up discussion on questions related to the development of our country and society and at the same time to seek out concrete solutions for improving the current situation.

Within the framework of the In the Circle of Trust project, on 6 December 2012, an event was held at which the participants, representatives from business, politics, trade unions, the media, law and cultural professions, discussed such issues as who does someone trust (not trust), how is it possible to rebuild trust and which specific decisions should be made in order to strengthen trust in Slovenia.

The discussion was conducted by 8 representatives from each individual societal subsystem, namely: a professor from the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana, the Director of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Samo Hribar Milič, the President of the Trade Union for the Metal and Electric Industry, Lidija Jerkič, the President of the American Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, Matej Potokar, the Editor of the daily news programme 24 ur, Špela Šipek, the President of Združenje Manager, Dejan Turk, the Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, Andrej Vizjak, and the Head of Corporate Communications and Consulting at Pristop, Uroš Hakl. The event also included an inspirational speech on trust by actress, writer and Assistant Professor for Drama and Artistic Writing at AGRFT Saša Pavček.

The key findings of the event participants were that in order for trust to be established, we first need to determine a clear vision based upon which to promote the development of Slovenia and society, and that as such, we cannot achieve that goal unless the promises that are made are actually fulfilled. “Trust is necessary for life!” was the main message of the event in the Circle of Trust

The results of the study that was carried out by Ninamedia are available at the following link: Trust in Slovenia.