Skittles Bath me in the Rainbow

We designed and produced Facebook application that co-creates the WTF moment of the brand Skittles and connects colorful difference of the offline promotional and selling activities in the stores with online activation of the users.

Offline promotion of the brand Skittles in stores is connected to the unique rabbit that is delighted and motivated only by one thing – bathing in the Skittles candies. With the game “Bath me in the Rainbow” the client wanted to successfully connect offline and online Skittles activities, improve the recognition of the brand and accelerate the sales growth. We designed a simple but attractive Facebook application with the multi-level game enriched with prizes where the users try to catch as many Skittles as possible for the rabbit to take bath. The term for the prize competition was to enter a code that the users received on offline promotions. “Bath me in the Rainbow” reached an excellent response in the first week and really attracted the users who saw the Skittles rabbit on the promotions to the online activities.