Rimaj z Zlatkom!

We managed to indirectly include the users into the communication of Nova KBM's brand for the young Sveta vladar, create emotional links with the brand and improve its recognition with the help of the popular Slovenian rapper Zlatko.

A special challenge of communication of the banks with the young is the fact that the young are not interested in bank offers and they do not look for them self-initiatively. This was the reason we decided to attract them with entertaining and creative experience with the brand. With Zlatko's help we wanted to encourage the young to think and tell us what »more of life« means to them and create a hit song with Zlatko titled Več od lajfa. Zlatko wrote a chorus and 2 lines for each verse of the new song and the users continued the lyrics with their rhymes and ideas. In five weeks we attracted more than 2.500 users and new Facebook fans. We reached more than 25.000 views on You Tube and 400 likes on the first day the video was posted, and the song made by Zlatko and the users also became the hit of the week on radio station Val 202.