Communication of the corporate values to the employees

Ljubljanske mlekarne

The Ljubljanske mlekarne dairy group reformed the values of the company in 2009 and wanted to communicate this to its employees in order to achieve broad affiliation with the new goals.

Pristop was hired to carry out the project of internal communication in all company plants in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Efforts to this effect included a mix of internal advertising, public relations and human resource management. At the outset of the project, Pristop created the guiding theme of the campaign which would be centred around a mascot named Milko. Milko has been a constant visual symbol in all the communication activities conducted since then. The campaign included workshops for leaders and a concept of internal advertising (posters, stickers, screensavers), printed materials for employees (a brochure on values, a code of conduct) and internal events related to the annual contest and employee-of-the-year events. We took great care in devising relevant material for employees and measured the mood among them with the help of focus groups. The project received the Silver Golden Drum award at the 2009 Golden Drum international advertising festival.