Argeta Halal does not contain pork

Droga Kolinska

An erroneous report appeared on web portals in and Slovenia in August 2009 that Argeta’s Halal products (pates and pastes) contained pork.

Argeta Halal, which is produced from chicken, is intended foremost for Arab markets. The false information spread quickly over the internet – through both social and traditional media - to all countries of former Yugoslavia. Managing this crisis situation was based on communicating a quick and effective response. The strategy involved the ad-hoc shaping of an official communication protocol, regular (hourly) monitoring of off-line and online media, an individual briefing of journalists, personal communication with key staff and travelling sales officials, the holding of an open day for journalists at the plant producing Argeta Halal, the formation of a communication infrastructure for touching base with staff and the media and active co-operation with online communities. The quick and effective communication campaign helped win over journalists about the false nature of the allegations, putting an end to further negative reports within two days of the initial outbreak. The project was one of the finalists of the Golden Drum international advertising festival in 2009.