I Feel Slovenia

Ministrstvo za gospodarstvo

Slovenia has faced difficulties with its recognition abroad, including mistaken impressions about its geographical position and history, ever since its independence in 1991.

To deal with this, the country needed a clear and unique identity and well-devised brand. In early 2007 the Government of the Republic of Slovenia selected the slogan "I Feel Slovenia" and accompanying visual identity to promote Slovenia. Building on this, Pristop was chosen in a public tender organized by the Ministry of the Economy to carry out the process of establishing and managing the Slovenia brand. As part of the project, our company conducted qualitative and quantitative studies that formed a basis for shaping the strategy. We devised a strategy for transposing the brand to relevant fields (tourism, business, culture, science, sports etc.) and devised a communication strategy, defined the identity and architecture of the brand and formulated a broad manual related to the Slovenia brand.