Clean up Slovenia in a day

Ekologi brez meja

The “Clean Up Slovenia in a Day" project went down in history as the biggest voluntary clean-up effort in the country and an excellent example of how to mobilize people with civil initiatives.

The aim of the communication campaign with which Pristop supported the project was to raise awareness among Slovenians about issues related to the environment and to encourage them to take part in the cleaning-up of illegal dumping sites and other city areas in the one-day campaign (held on 17 April 2011). Another goal was to create the first digital map of illegal dumping sites in Slovenia. The communication campaign attracted broad attention in the media as well as in the professional and general public in 2010. Pristop provided the client with strategic and operational communication support in the area of advertising, public relations and event management. In 2010 the project received the Golden Effie award for efficiency in communication conferred by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber and the Prizma award for excellence in public relations projects conferred by the Slovenian Public Relations Association.