E-banking on Cekin.si

Nova KBM

The agency was tasked by the Nova KBM bank with increasing the use of its online banking solutions Bank@net among existing and potential clients and to position Nova KBM as a technologically-advanced bank.

With an extremely limited budget, we sought to achieve a high level of awareness using TV while providing additional information on interactive platforms. Sponsorship of the Cekin.si portal enabled the client a communication platform that included TV ads on the Pro Plus channels and Internet portals of this media outlet. An extremely important feature was establishing an e-banking section on Cekin.si that featured a branded background and thematic articles that attracted wide interest among readers. The TV ads were noticed by 83% of all viewers between 20 and 60 years; each saw the ad an average of 15 times. The online ads generated over 6.4 million contacts, whereas 300,000 visitors viewed the articles and 2,100 clicked on them. Interest in Bank@net grew as a result: the sign-up numbers were 15% above the monthly average in the December 2010 to February 2011 period.