Skittle your friend


Young consumers in Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia were targeted with entertaining communication solutions in digital media that made for an upgrade to the global Skittles TV campaign.

That was based on an ad featuring bizarre situations in which the distinguishing element was a rainbow that turns into Skittles candy. On April Fools Day, we ran a rainbow weather report on two leading Slovenian portals. This was followed by the launch of the Facebook application "Skittle Your Friend" which enabled users to change the photos of their friends into candy-coated photos, and the Capture the Rainbow mobile application which enabled rainbow patterns to be added to photos as they were taken with mobile phone cameras. The campaign produced excellent results. More than 800,000 users were exposed to the Skittles campaign. More than 27,000 users tried the Skittle Your Friend application and more than 30,000 users visited the Skittles FB fan page. A total of 3,300 SMS messages with a link to the mobile applications were sent. We continued to provide for digital media exposure of the brand as the above-mentioned applications were followed by another - the Facebook application Lifetrip.