Who's really on the other side?

Ministrstvo za delo, družino in socialne zadeve

Click OFF is a socially responsible campaign, which addresses online harassment as a form of assault against women, which mirrors the tilted balance of power between the sexes.

Our main focus was to encourage the women and teenagers to critically reflect on the content and the people you can meet on the web, and at the same time point to the problem of online violence. We are publishing the public through TV ads, promotional videos, posters, brochures and social networks. Ads address false identities, online stalking, revenge pornography, and online harassment and maltreatment. The basic visual image includes an illustration of the target group in various situations that can lead to online abuse. A clear graphic message is upgraded with a record that acts as a call to action. On the interactive web site www.odklikni-enakostpolov.si, the key content of the campaign is included: while the mobile application Odklikni is aimed at identifying the basic types of online violence.