12. dm run for women

dm drogerie markt

Pristop Entertainment team organized the biggest sports event for women – 12. dm run for women (12. dm tek za ženske). On May 27, 2017, the organization team spent a super Saturday afternoon at Park Tivoli, together with more than 7,500 runners.

At the event 2659 children ran at Oskarjev tek (running for children), all contestants were accompanied with loyal fans. Music band Čuki took care for a good and rapturous atmosphere and entertained the guests with jumping music all day long, but this year we also prepared music surprise for the guests.

Matej Cankarled heating the runners, as well as instructors from other ends of Slovenia and Ambassador Natasa Naneva, who entertained the runners in the rhythm of the Zumba. In April, we started organizing cross-country exercise to prepare runners for the main event. These exercise took place in 8 Slovenian towns and a total of 1950 runners participated.

The accompanying program of the event started already in the morning when the participants started to enter Park Tivoli and DJ fromRadio 1 was switched on. This year, the event was moderated by Klemen Bunderla, who appeared on the main event stage and provided all the key information about the event; the rules of behavior on running track, the presentation of the track, the notification of separate collection of waste, etc. The second moderator was Klemen Bučan, who represented the sponsor stands and was interviewed the runners in the starting-goal plane.

For the second year in a row, the 10 km and 5 km tracks took place in the Park Tivoli and around Rožnik, in a natural environment across the forest paths. When runners reached the finish line RK Krim players (women handball club) were awarded to runners: captain Misa Marinček, Alja Koren and Elizabeth Omoregie. We surprised the guest with a musical surprise - this time the public was amazed by Klemen Bunderla, who produced a real euphoria with his performance under the main tent. This year, we joined forces with the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste – Polje ( Zveza prijateljev mladine Ljubljana Moste-Polje), which we donated for 8,000 EUR for the project Botry (Botrstvo). At the event we also collected 30 kg of plastic caps for humanitarian purposes and donated them to the company Happy Feet (Vesele nogice). Toyota Adriatook care of the main prize, as the winner of the draw received the car - Toyote Yaris, and the key was handed over by the Toyota Slovenija Director, Mr. Primož Tiringar. The event ended with a lot of goodwill and dancing guests in the main tent with the rhythms of Band Čuki, and the guests with the most energy were accompanied by DJ of Radio 1.