Jabolčni tat. Your personality is amusing.

Pivovarna Laško Union d.o.o.

Union brewery and Pristop agency notified us about the arrival of the Jabolčni tat (Apple bandit).

He unexpectedly sneaked into its fans hearts and their joyful gatherings in the upcoming summer months. Jabolčni tat showed its mischievous character in its innovative TV ad takeover, continued with stealing attention of the customers at point of sell and on social network. We created a web activation on our pages where we revealed the secret on how to catch Jabolčni tat, which is with an ice cold glass, and enabled our customers to order it for the party via web platform. Truth be told, Jabolčni tat would not be Jabolčni tat if he hadn`t trick us a little bit more – he is walking around with a taste of apple and elder. Enough talk for now, it is time to have fun with an actual Jabolčni tat so he will not be known only as a metaphor but as an actual drink.