Smooth banking 2

Nova KBM

How to introduce young people to banking services, they generally find uninteresting? With an ultimate approach through the popular ambassador Filip Flisar, who trusts Nova KBM services so much, he was willing to bet his most valuable asset on them - his

In second edition, he was competing with the most difficult opponent so far – his brother Martin. They had to face three intense and exciting challenges of banking tasks. The winner shaved opponent`s beard.

Challenges were published on Facebook page Sveta vladar, where followers could vote either for Filip or Martin. During the campaign there were 3 main challenges in which participants competed for 300 € on their Visa credit card and 3 smaller challenges for other (smaller) awards.

First challenge had only after a day exceed all expectations. There were more than 200 participants in less than 24 hours and over 9.000 views of teaser video on YouTube.