Fulfilled promises bring us closer

Zavarovalnica Triglav

Can you still remember the cute girl with a violin that said Everything will be OK in the last corporate ad by Group Triglav?

After three years Group Triglav, along with Pristop agency, created a new corporate campaign that will be present on all markets within the region we operate in. The new communications campaign is based on highlighting one of the key, but until now unknown, competition advantages of the Group Triglav - fulfilling expectations and keeping promises.

Focusing on trust as a value in a relationship between an insurance company and its clients is still a relatively new approach. Despite being, compared to other values (safety, closeness), harder to prove, it represents a opportunity for creating an unique position for Group Triglav, where fulfilling commitments was already the basis for business success.

The message of the corporate campaign Fulfilled promises bring us closer, signed with tradition For 115 years, emphasizes warmth and eternity of relations that are based on honesty and respect for given promises. The campaigns communicates the message in a simple and clear way and helps an individual to understand how Group Triglav can stand by his or her side in a particular situation. Just as we strive to maintain sincere relationship for as long as possible in personal life, Group Triglav strives to build a long lasting relations in its business ventures. That is why we need to honor the promises we give and, at the same time, understand specific circumstances each one of our insurant faces. Because different situation in life demand searching for different solutions.