Communication partner of EYD project

In 2015 we were communication partner of EYD project – European Year for Development 2015.

Campaign`s results are following:
  • Within EYD in Slovenia 325 events with more than 165.000 participants were organized, which covered 8,3 percent of Slovenians.
  • EYD began with Slovenian Development Days (22nd26th January 2015) and officially ended with Slovenian Development Days, on 10th November at the National Assembly of Republic of Slovenia.
  • In school year 2014/2015, EYD was included in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools annual plans.
  • Musical theater performance `Change the world - chord by chord` was created. Performance shows values of international development cooperation in a funny way. The premiere was shown at the Cultural Bazaar, on 18th March.
  • List of films, literature and performing arts, related to international development cooperation was created.
  • In the contest `Europe at school` 572 schools, 653 mentors and 9.607 pupils have participated. They have created 8.981 works.
  • Six contests related to EYD were published. Several lectures were organized at faculties.
  • Song `One word` was made by group Slove`n`aid for the purpose of EYD/s promotion. Song has 36 times won first places at scales of six Slovenian radio stations. Song has more than 300.000 views on social networks.
  • 6.000 runners were informed with international development cooperation at triple running on 9th may 2015 via multifunctional kerchiefs. 22 triples ran on behalf of the European Year for Development.
  • Three ambassadors of EYD were selected: Goran Dragić (basketball player), Zoran Dragić (Basketball player) and Anže Kopitar (ice hockey player).
  • More than 12.000 individuals were included into online challenge `United for one purpose. United for our future.`
  • 12.500 individuals were directly reached via newspaper `Najboljše novice iz sveta` (The best world`s news). Due to good media coverage and direct reporting from the terrain (Val 202 and Radio 1) reach was even greater.
You can listen to Slove`n`aid`s song here.