Itak 2010


Mobitel’s ITAK brand targets young people aged 15 to 30 - a group that is more price sensitive than older groups.

First launched in 2006, ITAK plans include low call prices and a reduced monthly fee as well as the latest in mobile services and a range of affordable mobile phones. Since its launch, the ITAK brand has been successful in obtaining the status of something youthful and trendy among young people. The strong sales and response from users to brand activities in 2009 suggested it was worth pursuing the set long-term marketing platform based on involving the user. With the aim of increasing the number of ITAK subscribers and enhancing the ITAK image as a trendy, creative and innovative brand among young people, we continued developing a creative platform based on dialogue on a large scale. The platform was based on a television ad with a key message: “Living your life to the full does not require a lot of money, but a lot of imagination, creativity, confidence and friends". The live promotion of the brand through a concert spectacle featuring The Killers in 2009 was upgraded with a series of three exclusive genre-specific concerts featuring Florence and The Machine, Gossip and Plan B. In this way we provided for continual interaction between the users and the brand, enhanced with thematic parties staged together with Nokia in the run-up to each of the concerts. The craziest ITAK parties were subsequently organised by ITAK users with a little help from us. The ITAK party experience was made available to ITAK users through a selection of mobile applications promoting responsible partying: PijemOdgovorno.Itak, Pecam.Itak and Zažigam.Itak. Utilising social networks, primarily Facebook, we upgraded one of the most successful Slovenian Facebook applications: Naredi Svoj Band 2 (Create Your Band 2). The second edition of the application saw 217,000 ITAK users create more than 480,000 music bands. ITAK enhanced the strength of its brand in all segments in 2010: choice, use, satisfaction, and loyalty. The concerts organised under its name were attended by 5,000 fans, while the special Facebook page had more than 40,000 fans by December 2010.