Don`t post what can bother you

Telekom Slovenije

We prepared a new campaign for Telekom Slovenije's youth brand Itak, raising awareness on the consequences of reckless social media postings.

Itak`s platform Moč besed (Power of Words), which is striving for better online communication among youngsters, puts the target group’s online presence in the focus with the last campaign. Under the motto Don`t post what can bother you Itak focuses on activities raising awareness on the dangers and opportunities in social media. Research shows that a reckless social media presence can negatively affect both personal life as well as the professional career of everyone. Itak and Moč besed are therefore encouraging youngsters to find the right balance between quality online communication and sharing personal and inappropriate information about themselves and others online.

Elements of the campaign: TV ads, OOH advertising, online ads, social networks, events.