Milky railroad

Mlekarna Celeia

We created a web quiz Mlečna proga (Milky railroad) for Mlekarna Celeia dairy factory, sponsor of the popular culinary show Gostilna išče šefa.

Ten exciting, fun and educational questions invite contestant to test their knowledge about milk, dairy products, local cuisine and discover their inner »master chef«. With a bit of luck they can win a ticket for a gourmet experience – on a train Gostilna išče šefa. Chef Bine Volčič, his apprentices and lucky quiz winners will enjoy the idyllic route from Ljubljana via Bled, Most na Soči, Štanjel, and back to Ljubljana. Breathtaking vistas, combined with genuine Slovenian flavors!

Since real chefs only use the finest ingredients, we focus our attention on high quality dairy products made for cooking by Zelene Doline (milk, butter, cottage cheese, cream and Mileram). According to the Slovene Dairy Association (GIZ mlekarstva Slovenije), Mlekarna Celeia provides milk of a higher quality, compared to Slovenian average.