2ndSkin design contest

G3 Spirits

For our client G3 Spirits we created and implemented a design contest 2ndSkin where young Slovenian designers were invited to submit their creative label insights and create Slovenia’s first user generated etiquette. The wining label was distributed on 10

2ndSkih design contest featured a unique opportunity for young designers, students, brand enthusiasts and opportunity seekers to dwell into this challenge and possibly win it. The winner received an unique opportunity to provide a design enhancing the B side of the herbal liqueur bottle, a visit to Wolfenbüttel, a special nightlife experience in Berlin (along with 2nd and 3rd place holder) and a cash prize of 1.000 EUR.

2ndSking judges’ panel was introduced to raise expectations and boost credibility of the contest. Sitting in the panel were renowned art director Sašo Radovič, creative director Aljoša Bagola, a model Tjaša Kokalj and brand manager Anže Herbst.

From all received creative works jury selected a winner. A student of architecture, Domen Kalin, became the first Slovenian who dressed up a bottle of the most famous herbal liqueur in the world.

2ndSkin design contest allowed in-depth media coverage about the contest. Media embraced the judges and the design contest winner. It all came together in a loud, reveal event and a special press trip with selected media representatives and design contest winners.