Special event for 50th anniversary of Adria Mobil

Adria Mobil

In collaboration with Adria Mobil we designed and implemented a special event for celebration of 50th anniversary of the brand. The jubilee took place in an idyllic location in Novo Mesto with over 800 participants from all over the world.

Carefully designed creative idea and precise scenography preparation were carried out several months before the event - nothing was left to chance. The event was attended by 800 invitees from all over the world, from local - management representatives of Adria Mobil and significant representatives of Slovenian government - to suppliers, distributors and other international business partners.

The program was moderated by Jure Ivanušič with musical inputs by the band Sounds of Slovenia. The theme of the event was conceptual slogan Walk through the memory lane, which was the base for building an emotional storyline and design of the event. Symbolism was layered - we showed the story of past successes and significant milestones of Adria Mobil, with a nostalgic association with leisure, which in some ways is the most important element of the story trademarks of Adria. The guests enjoyed the inauguration night where new memories were created and new bonds created to build five and even more prosperous future decades that are eagerly awaiting new stories about the successes of company Adria Mobil.