Telekom Slovenije

At the launch of the new package Blue (so called 4Play/quad - combined mobile and fixed services in one package), which offers the user greater carelessness at use of telecommunications services, we prepared campaign called Carefree for Telekom Slovenia.

The focus of the story is the communication and exposure of people who are faced with a wide variety of concerns (from the cracked tire to the overturned canoe and nervousness just before the wedding) and that turn for help - to who else than – to their mother or partner who is always ready to help. The key message of the campaign: You can’t always be carefree, but you can be carefree with package Blue, that connects in all situations.
In addition to the package Blue we present within this campaign an action mobile package EU carefree that allows the user a completely worry-free mobile communication, at home and abroad.
Elements of the campaign Carefree: TV ads, outdoor advertising, print, radio and online ads, a personalized web page.