Fill your day with good energy

Elektro Energija

Elektro energija renewed their electricity and gas packages, and gave customers the possibility of saving money by adapting the packages according to their needs and wishes.

In addition to an attractive offer, customers can also enjoy many partner discounts and sweepstakes. This creates a lot of good energy, which is also communicated in the slogan of the campaign: Fill your day with good energy. This slogan urges consumers to choose a good energy supplier, but also encourages them to be carefree and full of good energy. The picturesque story in the TV ad therefore shows a sort of dance of household appliances powered by good energy, and while they are doing their job, the family is enjoying carefree, quality time together - full of good energy.
The campaign also includes print, web and radio ads, as well as an interactive radio show, in which people spread good energy on air in different ways. The website was also renovated. The activities of spreading good energy will continue throughout the year.