Milk from Mlekarna Celeia – proven to be better

Mlekarna Celeia

The campaign It is worth leaving traces of life was created for Mlekarna Celeia in 2014.

It started with Mlečna cesta (Milky Way) activities, introducing Mlekarna Celeia suppliers to the public and by presenting Celeia as the first dairy producer which has enabled public tracking of the origin of milk used in their products – with the Izvor mobile application and on the Mlečna cesta website.

In 2015 we upgraded the campaign and introduced the statement that dairy products by Zelene Doline are proven to be made from milk of better quality. We created a label Dokazano boljše mleko, introduced into communication activities on all channels, and started to raise awareness about milk quality. Since many consumers may not understand this claim, we launched a quiz Izziv kakovosti (Quality challenge) on the Mlečna cesta website. The quiz enabled us to use educational and funny content, supported by a prize-winning competition, to introduce the background of milk quality issue and to build the awareness on the importance of milk and dairy quality in products customers enjoy daily. The split into several stages, spread during a whole month, enabling us to keep users interested longer. The whole campaign is supported by advertising, public relations, social media activities, etc.