Si sramt?


The project Si sramt? uses an innovative approach when facing two challenges: finding salespeople of the new generation - salespeople that live among us, are active on social media and have a wide social network; and announcing the launch of a brand new s

That’s why we also wanted to challenge our candidates to see if they have the right character to be a smart salesperson. We wanted to draw attention of the most fun, resourceful and skilled candidates, so we prepared a somewhat encrypted job ad. We received 790 job applications and picked out the best candidates. Then the real challenges began.

The first one was Dvacelasedem (Twopointseven). Candidates had to find the smallest possible parking space for a smart and then share the photo proof on their social networks using the hashtag #sismart. Next challenge was Naj prodajalec (Top salesperson). Candidates received a random object and they had to sell it for a highest possible price. The final four candidates had to face the final challenge. We took them to a driving track, where they had to prove that they truly have what it takes to be the best smart salesperson.