Ministrstvo za delo družino socialne zadeve in enake možnosti

Project Include.All exposes the problem of unbalanced representation of women on leading positions in management. Effective media campaign was formed to show the absurdity of the situation in which women in Slovenia find themselves.

Because of the personal, organizational and social barriers women rarely reach the leading management positions. One of the main social barriers include gender stereotypes. Innovatively designed campaign presented the perception of women in leading positions and questioned the stereotyping of gender roles through ads and five movies recorded with a hidden camera.

Opinions and views on the issue were presented also by well-known managers on the round table Manager Job M/F. With numerous publications on television, online and print media we elevated the awareness of target audiences about the position of women and gender equality.

Exposure of stereotypes encouraged a lively debate on social media. Facebook users have created more than 1,000 comments, likes and sharings of promotional movies - three of them reached over 175,000 Facebook users and almost 30,000 views on YouTube. Average Facebook post has reached 11,220 users and the best posts reached up to 2,500 users organically.