Living my life / One week through Zlatko`s eyes

Nova KBM

In order to effectively reach and activate young people who are not interested in banking products, Sveta vladar of Nova KBM opted for a unique approach once again.

We introduced a pioneering communication format – a live stream of a celebrity`s life through Google Glass. We joined forces with the most popular Slovenian rapper and Sveta vladar brand ambassador Zlatan ČordićZlatko who wore Google Glass during the campaign for the whole week. His eyes actually became eyes of all fans that joined him on his daily routes and adventures either in person on the streets or via central website with the integrated live stream, live chat, prize games and special banking offers. In a fun way, Zlatko intertwined his everyday life, the promotion of his upcoming album Living my Life and spontaneous use of banking products, showing how convenient and cool they are. With an innovative technological approach, we offered our target group an entirely new interactive experience of an upgraded reality that caused an unprecedented combination of offline and online media platforms and real time interactions among youngsters and their idol Zlatko. We actually reached all Slovenian youth and presented youth banking products as cool and easy to use.