Cockta R-PET

Droga kolinska / Atlantic grupa

Cockta Original, Cockta Original with flavors and Cockta Easy are bottled in R-PET plastic bottles made from 50 % recycled plastic.

Cockta continues its story of uniqueness, upgrading it with environmentally friendlier packaging. With it Cockta became a pioneer on the market of non-alcoholic carbonated drinks in the region, following the goals of a socially responsible and environmentally friendly brand.

The new packaging is supported by a marketing campaign in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. The communication combines concepts such as recycling, upcycling and urban gardening. We created special billboards, placed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, to collect rainwater for the Cockta garden. Herbal garden is made out of new Cockta R-PET bottles and is on display in the CityPark shopping center in Ljubljana. Visitors can enjoy fresh herbs with a glass of Cockta.

Marketing mix includes sales promotions, OOH, PR and a refreshed product label.