Marketing and selling process and organization - Retail

We identified possible improvements in the field of marketing for a leading retailer

The leading retailer faced increased competition in its core market, the FMCG market and in the online sales market.

Thus the company wanted to verify whether their marketing department was working according to best practices, and to identify areas for improvement. The company also wanted to see how the marketing function was placed in the organization as a whole and how it operated within the organizational processes.

In the project we analyzed the marketing function of the group and defined key opportunities for improvements:

• We executed two rounds of in-depth interviews with all the employees in the department and with the management of the company

• For the assessment of the situation we used a combination of methodologies, including the Balance Score Card and Stages of Excellence methodologies

• The key opportunities for improvements that we identified, were about connecting marketing with financial indicators, increased customer orientation, coordinated communications and the structured management of talents

• We identified five fields for improvement that would increase the effectiveness and reputation of the marketing function in the company and place the customer at the centre of its operations