Marketing and sales strategies - Telecommunications

We prepared a marketing strategy with short-term measures for 2014 with the intention of increasing the market share and profitability of a leading telecommunications company in SEE

A telecommunications company that offers a comprehensive mix of services (Fix, TV, mobile) and covers the SEE market was facing price pressures from the competitors and low income generation by users. The company had had successful promotional activities in 2013 and had managed to increase its market share.

The expectations of the owners for bigger profits and a higher market share posed a new challenge for the company – how to grow profitably in 2014. The company thus faced the challenge of different technologies as well as the challenge of the perception of its brands on the market.

Through workshops and in co-operation with the client we defined short-term measures for 2014 for each element of the offering: fix, bundles, mobile prepaid, mobile postpaid; for residential and for business segments. The measures were focused around:

  • Products
  • Consumer processes: acquisition and retention
  • Marketing insight and marketing communications
  • Managing income and profitability of products and clients