Marketing and sales strategies -FMCG

We designed a brand architecture for a bigger regional producer of FMCG

A large producer of FMCG with an income of over €60 million had a wide and outdated brand architecture in the field of chocolate production.

The brands in the chocolate portfolio, which bring almost €9 million of income a year, had very different positions and strengths on the market and did not grow, but weakened over the years. The management of the company wanted to know which brands in the chocolate portfolio should be kept/cancelled.

  • We defined a medium-term plan for the development of the brand architecture, which predicted a reduction in the number of brands and the optimization of the marketing of the retained brands:We reviewed the power and the perception of the brands, the price positioning and the historical sales data for each of the client’s brands and all the relevant competitors (for each product and sales channel)
  • Based on the new brand architecture we also defined guidelines for activities covering all elements of the marketing mix, which would enable the client to optimize its marketing budget and improve the position of the key brands on the market.