Telekom Slovenije – Deezer

Telekom Slovenije

Deezer music service allows users to access a collection of over 30 million songs. In order to bring music even closer to the people, we have created a bona fide musical Deezer bus and allowed listeners of Radio Antena to create their own mixtapes.

The power of music knows no bounds and there are as many musical tastes as there are people, so we wanted to present the richness of Deezer in person. To do that, we have outfitted a Ljubljana public bus with an impressive sound system and LED lighting, allowing the passengers to have an intense musical experience in an unusual setting. In collaboration with Radio Antena s Antenin 6pack show, we have made it possible for listeners to choose their own songs for the whole month. We have received over 700 sign-ups and given away 22 pairs of earphones.