or women in science – socially responsible project

L'Oreal Slovenija

Within Pristop's competence social responsibility we are creating communication mix for L'Oreal's project For Women in Science.

For promotion of the project, Pristop plans and implements communication activities in the time of call for applications and in the time of award-giving ceremony. Besides that, Prisop prepares the award-giving ceremony and presentation of young researchers to broader public.

National program For Women in Science operates in Slovenia since 2006. Three partners of the project, L Oreal, Slovenian National Commission for Unesco and Slovene scientific foundation, choose three young researchers each year for award of 5,000 euros. With the project we are raising awareness on meaning and role of women in science, awarding scientific excellence, contributing to broader recognition of women researchers and reducing stereotypes in science, as well as offering opportunities to young researchers to present their work to a broader public.

In past years the research ‘Slovenians and science’ was carried out and its main points are represented at official YouTube site For women in science for Slovenia. Within the project, the round table ‘Science for Family’ has also been carried out. The project is also represented at official Facebook site For women in science.