50 years of Elektro Gorenjska

Elektro Gorenjska d. o. o.

We have created the concept and programme of the concluding event for the 50-year anniversary of Elektro Gorenjska.

Electric power distributor Elektro Gorenjska has been providing dependable and high-quality electric power to more than 88 thousand consumers in Gorenjska for more than 50 years. However, dependable power supply is not the only thing connecting Elektro Gorenjska to the Gorenjska region. The two are also tied together by their care and efforts towards sustainable development, preservation of the environment and the development of the economy and tourism in Gorenjska. In line with these facts, we have created the concept and programme for the event wherein Elektro Gorenjska donated electric bicycles to all 17 Gorenjska municipalities in order to encourage further development and raise awareness of the wonders of Gorenjska and the importance of being prudent with the treasures we receive from mother nature.

In the context of the event, a round table discussion was held on sustainable urban mobility that saw presentations by CEO of Elektro Gorenjska Mr. Bojan Luskovec, Žirovnica Mayor Mr. Leopold Pogačar, Director of Tourist Board Kranj Mrs. Natalija Polenec and world-famous cyclist Matej Mohorič.

The official part of the programme and the donation of bicycles were accompanied by an instrumental offering of unique covers of famous classical compositions, ethnic and folk music from all over the world and contemporary hits performed by local musical group Trio Krajnc.

The whole event was organised and carried out by Elektro Gorenjska.