Online campaign Vaillant

Vailant d.o.o.

An online presence needs more than just a website. Buyers are searching for information online along their purchase path and companies must adapt to their customer habits. For company Vaillant we created a landing site and media strategy in order to upgra

The campaign joined optimal advertising channels, selling ads and landing page. The landing page effectively leads the visitor / potential customer through the process of creating high-quality contact by using understandable presentation of products (different heat pumps) with additional information and an attractive appearance. The media strategy was based on the results of various surveys, heat pumps advertising review and previous experience/knowledge. In light of all the information gathered and the limited amount of media buy, we choose different channels and time of advertising. Media plan included advertising on the Google search engine, Google Display Network and Facebook whereby the amount of media buy was allocated according to the results. During the first month, after publishing of the landing page and the beginning of advertising, we recorded 37 inquiries.