Sworn In – the Ruler of the World

Nova KBM

This May, the Ruler of the World brand of Nova KBM showed off its new visual image, which has been supported by the Sworn In integrated marketing campaign, whose product segment emphasised two amazing products that are especially interesting to the younge

In the initial phase, which was aimed at catching people’s attention, we filmed the first “little world” video in Slovenia with Zlatko, Filip Flisar and Ula Furlan, which invited young people to share their oath under #svetavladar and win a T-shirt featuring their oath. In the second phase, the story was directed towards potential users of Skul and Indeks packages – Filip was sworn in to Visa prepaid and Zlatko to Moneta. We also utilised the digital trend among young people and launched the \\\\"What Is Your Oath?\\\\" Ruler quiz on the refurbished svetavladar.si website. At a time when pessimism is prevailing, we wanted to motivate young people to take an oath for the world as they want it to be, a world that fulfils and inspires them and fills them with enthusiasm.