Nova KBM with TV hit - Gostilna išče šefa

Nova KBM

Since October represents a month of saving in the financial world and banks are more active with communication campaigns, we wanted to stand out from the average here at NKBM. In this challenge, we have combined the seemingly impossible: banking and cooki

Some find banking services dull; we however believe that they can be integrated into a number of different kinds of content. We chose the autumn TV hit Gostilna išče šefa as a platform and carried out a campaign in which the Nova KBM helped show guests save on their dinner check by using a special application. At the same time, a competition for the best savings menu was held, integrated into social networks. A bank adviser visited the house, where the contestants had to solve a psychological and financial test, thus determining their financial profile. The client’s brave decision to carry out such a project is repaid in the form of exceeded business objectives.