Telekom Slovenije

We have prepared an integrated campaign for Telekom Slovenije presenting Deezer, an innovative music collection available exclusively from Telekom Slovenije.

Telekom additionally intertwined its offer by presenting the new Mobitel Deezer Neomejeni (Unlimited) package for mobile phones, which already includes Deezer and offers free music downloads. Telekom subscribers can test the service for free until 31 May. The campaign was aimed at presenting a novelty to the target group, which showcases a collection of over 30 million Slovenian and foreign songs anytime and anywhere to “Keep in touch with your favourite music”, which is also the slogan of the campaign.

The novelty was presented using an innovative animation that predominantly addressed the younger, technologically advanced and on the go target population, while the characters and the specific colours used established recognition of Deezer and Telekom Slovenija. The interactive nature of the campaign was established with a musical press event, where Muff performed the Nov dan single used in the TV advertisement.