Redesign of the Žito Group internal newsletter in terms of content, editing and layout.


We redesigned the content, editing and layout of the Drobtinice internal newsletter of Žito in line with the latest trends in internal communication.

Žito employs over 1000 people and is present at more than 7 locations throughout Slovenia. The company’s internal newsletter is the only communication tool that is common to the people in management and in production. Internal communication studies show that internal newsletters are a major factor in increasing employee engagement and strengthening the strategic role of internal communication. As such, we redesigned Drobtinice, the client’s existing internal newsletter, in terms of content, editing and layout. The content was upgraded and brought in line with the current trends for internal or corporate magazines and now pursues the positive effects of internal communication on employees. The new design gives the newsletter a fresh, fun, organised and minimalist style that appropriately improves and complements its content.