Access D Secret

G3 Spirits

For G3 Spirits and a popular brand of alcohol beverage, we upgraded the concept of exclusive club parties ExcessDNite into mysterious version Access D Secret, aimed for the first time at a broader segment of invited guests.

We have created on the social network Facebook a secret movement that builds a story of unusual events under the direction of mysterious Miss J. She is a central figure of the campaign and ambassador on the hunt for adventures and urban enjoyments. She leaves tips about the party content and its hidden location through sensual video trailers. Secretive communication over Facebook and development of Sweepsteaks allowed for the first time the engagement and the competition for entry into the world of mystery for wider public audience.

Access D Secret events are linked by fusion of quality ingredients – networking, great music and innovative environments. Parties in the past were famous for their innovative locations, chosen carefully by organizers, excellent musical background of renowned DJs and the many other surprises that pampered the audiences. Party is also extremely popular among the media as it is given a lot of media attention.

This time the party took place at the Central workshop of Slovenian Railways to which the invited guests took the train from the Main train station Ljubljana. The venue for a truly memorable party with breath taking decor in typical orange tones, smiling hostesses serving popular herbal liqueur cocktails and the performances by the attractive dancers offered a platform for excellent entertainment event.