Valamar website remake

Valamar hoteli i ljetovalista

Websites of holiday resorts are often the first contact a tourist has with its destination. That is why it must offer the best user experience and identity presentation to convince the user into booking.

While redesigning this website we followed the »Inspire > Explore > Book« concept. We wanted to inspire the visitors and invite them to further explore their options. But at the same time we made sure they will find the most convenient vacation booking.

The content is enriched with presentations of destinations, available holiday activities according to the user interests. We based our remake on former web site usage analysis and website visitor data provided by Valamar.

We started with a clean design which emanates a feeling of simplicity and enables a first time visitor to quickly understand the booking form while they are still able to research thoroughly. Valamar usually receives one fourth of its booking via the website but they recorded a 20% increase compared to the same period last year while the income realised via online booking grew for more than 30%.