Rok Bagoroš website

Rok Bagoroš

Motorbike stunts are not your everyday activities but Rok Bagoroš is not just another trickster and this must be seen on his web page. We redesigned his website as a sponsor and made sure it presents an elite rider in technical aspects and content wise.

As one of the best motorbike stunt riders and KTM factory driver Rok Bagoroš definitively deserved a website which would thoroughly present how dynamic his life and work are. We have implemented the website as a centre of his web presence which can be visited from a wide selection of devices. The site is designed as a responsive site which is correctly rendered on any screen size or resolution in landscape or portrait mode. We achieved this with an innovative content folding system and use of HTML5 and CSS3.

Structurally dynamic site is allows for different types of content to form a complete presentation of Rok Bagoroš, his motorbikes and stunts in form of photo and video content. Each visitor can see his abilities and sponsors or check where his next show will be held or even book Rok Bagoroš for a live bike stunt ride. All of these are connected to the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.