Itak Job

Telekom Slovenije

Telekom Slovenije has started Itak Job as a project addressing young people entering the job market. They entered in cooperation with employment portal to help these young seekers with their baby steps.

We have organized career lectures in Maribor, Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Portorož and Kranj, which were attended by more than 1000 young people. Application forms for lectures were published on the website On this web site users can find the best job searching tips and also guidelines for writing a persuasive CV and various convenient forms. At the end of each lecture, participants received information and instructions on how to connect to the counseling on website, which works as a hidden sub-site. Participants were able to post their CV and motivation letter there and convince the jury that they are the best candidates for personal counseling. Forty of them were given an opportunity of personal counseling with experienced career professionals.