El Robusto

Telekom Slovenije

El Robusto is an invincible superhero who was created by Renderspace and Pristop in order to be the front character of a TV promotion for a durable mobile phone Sony Xperia Go, promo app and a viral video where he is accompanied by a female super hero.

Both the Facebook application as well as a short animated movie shows El Robusto during an agitated phone conversation with the female superhero, which can be subtitled by the users themselves. The conversation in a fictional language always ends with the upset superhero throwing the phone into a harsh environment, but to which the Sony Xperia Go is resistant to. We have prepared a fun application with a high potential for spreading among the users. In addition to the El Robusto TV ad we also published a viral video – a humorous spoof of the »Will it blend« type, showing Sony Xperia Go's resilience in a duel with the blender.