Bungee Cow

Mlekarna Celeia

Our client wanted to present the Zelene Doline product line to their customers including the younger population. We decided to go with a Flash game sweepstakes which presented the new product line to the visitors while playing and increase the user base.

Zelene Doline is a dairy product line which is using traditional methods to ensure higher quality and promote recognition amongst their current and younger population. The game is starring a witty cow which goes bungee jumping. While free falling the player is presented with 10 different products in recognisable packaging and must gather them and avoid various obstacles while doing so. The game is over when the bungee cord extends to its full length. The game was a success and gathered a good player base. It was played by 680 unique players in its first week and there were 3.915 applications for the sweepstakes in the first month. Our clients user base was greatly expanded amongst the younger or target population.