Bramac roofs

Bramac strešni sistemi

We wanted to present the new Bramac Klasik Glazuron product and increase the visibility of Bramac services and products. Our success was in part driven through a sweepstakes action in which 30 lucky winners received and innovative free 3d roof inspection.

The campaign enabled visitors to apply for a promotion that awarded 30 winners a free aerial roof inspection and thorough analysis with a sales consulting. Inspection was conducted by Bramac experts using a flying drone which uses modern technologies to capture precise footage of each roofing tile. This service and Bramac Klasik Glazuron product became a part of standard supply via this campaign which is composed of a TV ad, printed advertisements, sales catalogues, MPR, DPR, promotional event and web banners. All of these tools are channelling the users to an upgraded web site, where visitors get a chance to see the demo and order aerial roof inspection.