Communication Design for Cheeses Bearing the Higher Quality Label

Mlekarna Celeia

We have designed a three-year integrated marketing communication strategy aimed at building awareness of the higher quality label and promoting Zelene doline cheeses bearing the label.

We have created two TV advertisements and promotional brochures, supporting the project with a comprehensive media relations management strategy in the form of roundtables with experts, competitions and events for Slovenian kindergartens and schools and advertorials.
The secrets of quality are preserved in the Zelene doline cheeses. This was the message of the advertisements taking us through the story of revealing the secret behind the flavour of the Mlekarna Celeia cheeses bearing the higher quality label. The label is only awarded to produce and foods that are of higher quality than those of the same type and Mlekarna Celeia is the only Slovenian dairy with products bearing this label. The high quality of Zelene doline cheeses is due to their processing method, which does not involve any preservatives. The cheeses boast 100 % milk of exclusively Slovenian origin and a GMO-free certificate. At the Greater Food Quality and Safety roundtable we held with experts, we spread awareness of higher quality produce and foods, food safety, local origin, the control and certification of quality schemes and cheeses bearing the higher quality label.