Bramac - Examine your roof from the top


Bramac launched a new concrete roof tile on the market and together we introduced it to the public in a surprising, fresh and innovative way.

We decided to focus the communication not solely on the actual product but on a new and innovative service that was developed at the same time. We offered the public the chance to examine and analyse their roof from the air. Also included in the package is an expert consultation on the state of their roof and its future.
The examination of the roof is performed by a group of experts from Bramac with the help of a drone (a small helicopter) that uses advanced technology to collect extremely precise shots of the roof and individual roof tiles.
At the centre of all the communication activities is a sub-site where visitors were able to watch a video presentation and fill in a form to participate in the offer to have their roof examined.
As part of the campaign, we also prepared print ads, a short TV ad, a press conference and a promotional event where we presented the new service.